One Woman - One Dream


Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a struggling 501(c)3 organization, owned and founded in 2010 by Diane Romano-Potocki. Diane is dedicated to the health and welfare of abused, abandoned, and unwanted slaughter-bound horses.  She provides them with a sanctuary where they can live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and peace at a loving and caring facility.  Ultimately, the goal of the sanctuary is to rehabilitate the horses to a healthy, happy condition and provide them with the daily feed, exercise, therapy, general care and medical treatments they need.  To achieve that goal she must bring the farm back to full working condition.  A working horse sanctuary provides an opportunity for bonds to form between these beautiful gentle animals, and the community of people who generously support the sanctuary.  Eventually, Diane would like to help children by using the horses for equine therapy.  Diane is willing to teach and share her knowledge and love for horses with those who are willing take the time to care.


The Rivers Edge Horse Rescue,  which resides within the 4 Winds Horse Ranch,  was severely damaged by Hurricane Irene and Tropical storm Lee in 2011.


Since then, the rescue has been severely low on funds and struggling to recover from the devastating damage caused by the storms.  Diane struggles to keep her dream of a working horse sanctuary operating everyday, from sunrise to well into the night and she needs help.  The sanctuary is in desperate need of more donations and volunteers because the money they have been receiving is continuously being used on daily feed and care for the 21 rescued sanctuary horses, leaving absolutely no money leftover for the much needed repair and rebuilding work.  If Diane continues to struggle, and the needs of the sanctuary are not met, the sanctuary will have to shut down, forcing Diane to try to find another sanctuary willing to take the horses in or, sadly, to have many of them put down. This is why Diane fights so hard...should the Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary fail, the fate of each of the horses she loves so much would be in serious jeopardy.


Donations go towards:


  • Feed and Hay with a critical need for the upcoming Winter

  • Repair Damaged Fencing, Barn and various buildings

  • Re-grade, fill and reseed flooded and eroded fields

  • Repair barn and stables

  • Pay for farrier costs

  • Pay for veterinary care

  • Purchase medicine

  • Pay for hired skilled help

  • Pay for ongoing mechanical, building and property maintenance costs

  • Pay for repair or replacement of old and/or broken farm vehicles

  • Pay for the purchase and construction of run in shelters in the fields to protect the horses from severe weather


Volunteer help needed:


  • Labor work on the farm cleaning stalls, feeding horses and helping with the rehabilitation of the sanctuary horses

  • Help with administrative and clerical work  

  • Help with fundraising, photography, and scheduled events

1 Rivers Edge Horse Rescue & Sanctuary in Newton is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation