Baby Girl - Arab-Cross Mare

My name is "Baby Girl," and I am an Arab-Cross mare.  I could not see very well because of abuse that I had suffered.  My eye cavity was bashed in, besides all the other abuses my body suffered.  Looking at my photos, you will see scars all over my body including my tail.  My owner put me and my son, Medicine Man, in the New Jersey auction.

Diane Potocki-Romano of Rivers Edge Horse Rescue came to the auction and removed me from death row.  She promised she would return the next morning for my son.  Upon my arrival at the Rescue, a Veterinarian was waiting there to see me.  I heard the doctor tell Diane that I may not make it through the night.  They cleaned my eye of all the infection packed on the inside and outside.  They took care of my other bodily injuries and gave me much needed medication.  I stood in the stable feeling physically comforted, but emotionally upset because I was taken away from my son, Medicine Man.

When the sun rose and morning arrived the next day, I heard the sound of a truck pulling up outside the stable.  Along with the sound of the truck, I heard a very familiar sound.  It was the sound of my son, Medicine Man, calling out for his mother as he did every morning since he was born.  My heart leaped with joy, and I wondered “What kind of person is this Diane?”  She actually did what she said she would.  She brought my baby boy to safety!

Because I was starved, my body was having a hard time absorbing nutrients.  But they did not give up on me.  My medication was provided daily.  The Veterinarian came for regular visits to help me, and I made it.

Diane calls me her little Firecracker, and I am her “Baby Girl,” even though I have a baby of my own.  Medicine Man and I have now become healthy and strong the way a horse was meant to be.  We have a permanent home at Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.  Thank you for reading my story today.

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