My name is Diamond. I was the last horse standing in a kill pen that was sending me to a slaughter house in the morning even though I was extremely thin and nearly starved to death.

On a scale of one to ten, I was a one. I was in very bad shape from abuse and neglect and I had painful sores and blister-like burns that were infected.

Diane from Rivers Edge Horse Rescue arrived and rescued me. She transported me to Rivers Edge and took me into the barn. It was winter and I was shaking from the cold and she didn't think I would survive the night because I had no weight on me to help keep me warm.

Diane began to talk to me and as scared as I was I listened to her and allowed her to put a blanket on me. The next morning, a veterinarian came to the barn to examine me. I heard him tell Diane that he was surprised I was still alive. Everyone was shocked at the condition I was in!

I stood like a trooper while they cleaned and medicated my wounds and put my blanket back on. I felt their love and knew they were trying to help and not hurt me. It took several months to heal and most of the scars have disappeared but if you look close enough you can still see the evidence of abuse.

I was an unwanted horse on the brink of death but I have healed both inside and out. I am loved and have a home of comfort with all the tasty hay and treats a horse could want. I now spend my days in freedom and safety running with my brothers in the meadows. I am a happy horse living the good life at Rivers Edge Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. Love, Diamond

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