Geronimo (A.K.A. Mo)

My name is Geronimo. I was rescued from the slaughter pipeline in Pennsylvania. They listed me as a large pony but I am really a Nokota Horse which is a very special semi endangered breed. My owner did not care for me very well which resulted in my hoof being injured and allowing it to become very deformed. This injury had caused me to not be useful to anyone without special farrier care and the advise of an educated Vet. Along with not being able to have people ride me so my owner saw me as of being of no use. I was sent out to auction allowing the chance of being slaughtered and that’s where Diane found me. She brought me to the rescue and had a farrier care for my hoofs on a regular basis as needed . It took three years to put my hoof back together but I am now sound and able to run free with my herd mates at the Rescue. I am now a permanent resident at the recue and will live out the remainder of my life here. Thank you for reading my story.

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